February 1-3, 2016


Come along

Registrations for the Perth Research Bazaar are now closed. However, there will be some additional places available so feel free to contact Andrew Rohl at [email protected]

Meet Our Speakers

Andrew Rohl

Andrew is a leading expert in the application of supercomputing and computer simulation technologies.

Tama Leaver

Tama teaches and researches a range of issues in the broad area of internet communications.

Philipp Bayer

Philipp is a new Postdoc at UWA, where he works on the intricacies of complex plant genomes.

Raffaella Demichelis

Raffaella is research academic at Curtin University, working in the field of computational materials science.

Lukas Weber

Lukas is a PhD student in biostatistics at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, working on statistical methods for bioinformatics data.

Matthias Liffers

Matthias helps researchers feed and care for their data.

Amma Buckley

As a research academic, Amma is regularly engaged in research projects, mostly of a qualitative nature, that necessitate the use of data management approaches and tools.

Gill Neville